Literacy Narrative 1 Reflection

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When I was writing the literacy narrative, I kind of just poured my thoughts onto paper without really thinking about what I was writing. What caused this was the free-writing exercises. The exercises were great for brainstorming and was my first time trying them but definitely won’t be my last. To be completely honest, the exercises did not seem to help during the whole process, but when I was actually writing the literacy narrative, the benefits were shown evidently. A lot of what I wrote for my literacy narrative was from answering the free-writing exercises and I’m guessing its because the questions force you to remember more details of the reading/writing memory I was trying to recall.

I learned from writing this narrative that there are a lot of different ways to brainstorm before writing. In high school, although I would brainstorm through “thought dumping”, it would still take me ages to write 500-700 words. I was able to easily write the same amount in a lot less time. After doing the free-writing exercises and writing the narrative, I was able to clearly write down whatever was on my mind, it was like my fingers were on cruise control just typing away on their own. I realized in the process of writing this essay that proper brainstorming allows for a strong foundation and draft.

“Not only was I able to create more coherent summaries, I was able to calm the storm of thoughts in my mind and efficiently convey my thoughts through writing.” This is the last sentence of my essay and I think someone that is reading my essay would think this is the most interesting sentence because people that have thoughts racing through their mind all the time could relate to it in some way.

By zachzhang3

I am a freshmen at Emory University.

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